If you are experiencing some kind of disturbing, and intriguing dreams mostly before you wake up, you’re not the only one. This is a condition termed, hypnopompic hallucinations, it is common and has happened to many individuals. A study was conducted some time ago and it was found that almost 9% of people face this same issue. What happens is that you have the feeling of being asleep still, but in reality, you’re transitioning.

You're just about to wake up

You’re just about to wake up from your sleep, so your brain brings up some semi-active sessions. Because you’re not asleep when you have these dreams, they call them hallucinations and not dreams. The consciousness you experience at that point is not wholesome, you can be said to be partly asleep and awake. REM sleep is the deepest form there is, and at this period, the brain is most active, and your eyes move while sleeping.

Dreams right before waking up

At this point is where you get the weirdest, most terrifying, and scariest dreams, which are hallucinations anyway. As you get to the process of waking up, at the REM stage, a consciousness gradually creeps into your subconscious. When this happens, your senses of sight, hearing, and feelings are activated. This feeling is similar to what you have in real dreams but because they are clearer, they can make you scared a bit or more.

All humans can experience this condition, but it’s more popular with those staying longer in the REM stage. This happens when the people involved are either not sleeping well before, or they’ve taken some sleeping pills to enhance it. Some, in addition to hallucinating scary events, they can’t move their limbs. This makes them more afraid, to avoid this, the solution is to maintain a good sleep cycle daily. Do not starve yourself of good sleep, most times, not all them requires you seeking for help.