Why do we dream of some specific people? This is because, of plenty of reasons but we will talk on only three. The first reason is because, you were thinking about the person when you were about to sleep. Another reason is that, you are emotionally close to the person and want him or her to become your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It can also be that, something

It can also be that, something is about to happen to that person, so, when you continually dream about someone, you have to tell the person so, that he will be aware of anything which will happen to him some days ahead. Another reason why we dream of some specific people is because, we are closely related to them, either because they are our family members or they are our classmates.

Information about dreams

In this paragraph, we will talk about what a dream is and when it happens. A dream is something that looks like a picture, video or idea that we see when we are asleep. This does not happen immediately we sleep, when we sleep it takes some time of us to see these things. A dream can also be called set of emotions or plans that occur to us during sleeping time. It is involuntary so, a person cannot decide to dream of something by force. You can say to yourself that you will dream of someone but it doesn’t mean it will happen.

Some times, when we dream, we forget them, some people say this is bad because maybe something good is coming our way but some spiritual forces have made us to forget the dream. A dream is some times are true representation of an event which has not yet, occurred, so, we must take dreams serious especially when we keep having that same dream occurring to us continuously for some days.