There is the adage that when you are going to dream you dream great and big. Dreams are experiences you encounter when you sleep, and those experiences are usually pictures or photos of things you see when you are resting on bed or during sleep. We appear not to understand why we dream and the cause of it is even more difficult to tell. But, it is believed that people normally dream about the things they think about heavily before engaging in the sleep. Another school of thought define dream as the sensations you have during sleep time which comes from over thinking of something. Dreaming is a process can be put into two forms which are bad dreams and good dreams.

Dreams come from too much thinking

Dreams come from too much thinking about a substance or idea, it comes because of continuously exposing yourself to that thing. It is common knowledge that you are writing an examination well, you will be eager to see your results to satisfy your curiosity, and the same applies to a person who poorly wrote an examination. These two people have something in common, that is, they are anxious to seeing their results in the portal. The dreams that you dream meant something to us and must be interpreted with caution and intelligence. Dreaming about various forms of water could mean too much to the individual, for example, when you dream about water that has been mud you will most likely be unhappy for that particular day or some day.

What do dreams meant to you?

On the other hand, when you encounter bright water, you will probably be excited for you seeing such. Similarly, when you have dreamt and you see strong powerful water waves you definitely know the experience will be overwhelming. Scientific knowledge do not allow room for dreaming because they cannot be proved to humanity, how it happens and the scientific method applied to such dreams.

In every setting or culture the same dream that two individuals had can mean different things in different environment. Studying the bible you see how Joseph rescues the Egyptians by the interpretation of the King’s dream, and there was a total transformation of the entire country at that time. Dreams however, must be translated with care to avoid the issue of putting fear into people and also prevent intimidation.

Counsellors and psychologist has a role to play in this dream thing to assist guys to know what their dreams are and what they meant to them. Individuals should focus their minds on useful things to prevent the issue of dreaming concerning bad things.